Previously Recorded Webinars

Exclusive Webinar with Dr. Wissam Deeb

Co-author of Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Ways to Manage Your Daily Routine with PD

with the UF Health Rehab Center

Communication Strategies for Optimal Success

With Dr. Angela Roberts, Northwestern University

Learn Advanced Zoom Like A Pro

With Hewie Poplock, Director and Instructor from Sarasota Technology User’s Group

Exclusive Webinar with Dr. Wissam Deeb

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Parkinson Disease

Improve Gait, Prevent Falls & Reduce Freezing 

With Danielle Frain, PT, DPT

Ask The Doctor with Juan Sanchez-Ramos, MD, PhD

Does Heredity Play A More Important Role Than Enviromental Factors in PD?

Improve Relationships Using Positive Techniques

with Fredya Robbins, CDFA

The Aging Brain

with Danielle Valery, BS, CDP (Sarasota Memorial Hospital)

Calming Foods with Chef Craig Chasky

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Live ZOOM Demonstration