Parkinson Power

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Rely On A Daily Routine

Ask for Help… A New Feat for Some

Realize Your Self-Worth

Make Lifestyle Changes That Could Save Your Life

Maintain a Positive Attitude & Sense of Control

Hold On to What You Have & Let Go of What You Have Lost

Minimize Freezing & Falls

Deal with Speech & Swallowing Problems

Keep Talking When No One Wants to Listen

Give Up the Past, Engage in the Present & Hope for the Future

Tackle Time & Harness Stress

Look to Those Who Love You

Do for Yourself & Others

Build Self Esteem & Confidence

Control the Hand that Feeds You

Overcome Apathy and Depression

Appreciate & Acknowledge Your Caregiver

Keep Your Body, Mind & Spirit Up & Moving

Stay Alert & Active

Know the Benefits of Home Care

Deal with Depression

Be Patient, Tolerant & Kind

Start Each Day On a Positive Note

Promote Self Esteem & Confidence

Overcome the Overwhelming

Lighten Up

Promote a Positive Patient Caregiver Relationship

Love Doesn’t Think Twice

Meet Your Nutritional Needs

Manage Stress Before It Manages You

Lighten Up, Laugh & Love Yourself

Walk Hand-in-Hand & Step-By-Step with Parkinson’s

Count Your Blessing’s

Face Life with Esteem & Dignity