Stay Up and Motivated with an Array of Ability Based Exercise Programs

All programs offered at Parkinson Place are research-proven to benefit Parkinson patients and caregivers. All exercise classes can be performed standing or sitting in a chair based on individual ability.  Led by certified instructors, the programs are social and interactive offering a fun way to stay motivated, active, and engaged in daily life.

I’ve Got the Music in Me

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Join in choral vocal warm-ups for speech production. Sing group favorites including selections from the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash. Play musical games for memory recall and reminiscing. Stretch and relax to music to encourage muscle movement.



10:30 am

with Music Therapist, Kaylin Berner MT-BC, NICU-MT

Gentle Yoga

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Better Coordination & Balance

Improved Posture & Breathing

Induced Relaxation

Heightened Emotional State

Mental Peace




with Lynn Burgess

Say it Loud & Clear

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Improve voice quality and volume. Enhance speech articulation and increase voice tone. Improve the ability to be understood and strengthen vocal muscles.




with Shannon Paoli, MS, CCC-SLP

Picture of Shannon Paoli

Exercise with Alix!

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Improved Flexibility & Strength

Better Balance & Coordination

Improved Cardiac & Pulmonary Function

Fun & Sociability


Tuesdays & Thursdays


with Alix Redmonde

Picture of Alix Redmonde

Brains & Balance

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Improve memory, reasoning, language, and problem-solving skills along with exercises to improve stability.

*Please have either a ruler, wooden spoon or drumstick, and a small plastic ball for Wednesday’s class.



1 pm

with Laura Mason

Picture of instructor

Dance For Parkinson’s with Sarasota Contemporary Dance

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Improved Flexibility & Strength

Improved Coordination

Improved Posture & Breathing

Freedom of Expression




with Leymis Wilmott

Picture of Dance Instructor

Rock Steady Boxing

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Better Flexibility & Range of Motion

Improved Posture & Gait

Improved Strength & Balance

Suggested Items for Class: 
• Roll of Painter or Masking Tape
• Boxing Gloves (If Own)
• 2 or 3 lb. Dumbbells
• Soup or Bean Cans
• (2) Laundry Detergent Bottles


Mondays at 1:30 pm


Fridays at Noon

with Manny Arce

Picture of boxing instructor

ZOOM Trivia

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According to psychologist, Dr. Kounios, answering a trivia question correctly triggers a release of dopamine in the brain that gives the person answering a sense of pleasure. Beyond that short-term benefit, collecting and deploying information can exercise the brain as we age which supports healthy neurological function. (Please pre-make answering cards labeled A-D!)



2 pm

with Susan Belesi

Picture of Instructor