During the course of my education and career, I have worked with a wide range of clients experiencing severe medical and physical hardship, loss of loved ones, and a decline in their ability to be independent. Given this experience, i can offer hope to a person who is struggling to cope with a major life change. This stress may be due either to a change in lifestyle, such as retirement, a career change, or a divorce; or it could be due to physical illness, diet-related poor health, the death of a spouse, or caring for a family member with dementia.  In addition, I have experience helping combat veterans overcome symptoms of PTSD.  Given my deep respect for the sacrifices of these men and women, they are always welcome in my practice.

My focus on caring for individuals and families experiencing major life stress led to my more recent work with the elderly suffering from chronic illness, like diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, I have encountered individuals and families experiencing a range of problems adjusting to both mental and physical illness.

I am aware of the ways in which mental illness, physical illness, and environmental stressors can combine to impact an entire family. This is why I incorporate methods of stress management, psycho-education, relaxation therapies, and traditional talk therapy into my treatment methods based on each client’s or family’s individual needs.

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